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SME’s willing to grow have to get a leg-up over the competition through  faster adoption of new technology, improved productivity and efficiencies better internal communications, and the power to effectively tap into the next generation of collaborative and digital services.

To achieve this they need to cost effectively and painlessly adopt and integrate IT technologies within their business processes.

What do we offer?

Netlink offers IT managed services designed to cater for the needs of SME’s with the right balance of experienced  tech professionals, insightful and powerful open source tools, and industry accepted best practices.

Our services covers the following areas:

  • Remote Monitoring Management
  • Capacity planning
  • Managed Backup and restore
  • System security
  • System performance Reporting
  • Maintenance

We design, implement and maintain cost effective and secured IT technologies  for SME’s  ranging from CRM, ERP’s to data sharing and collaborative  platforms.

With our tailored to fit turnkey IT services,  you focus on delivering value to your customers, providing them with top-notch customer experience and staying ahead of competition, while we take care of your IT infrastructure  and systems.

If your company’s  IT system fails over. This can severely affect your business and potentially hamper your reputation.
Take advantage of our remote monitoring service with alarm triggering and instant notifications to ensure your IT systems deliver optimal performance and remain up and running at all times.
[expand title=”Read More” ] Remote Monitoring Solution is an all-in-one tool to monitor different applications, metrics, processes, services, network connectivity, remote and local equipment. It provides a complete picture on the availability and performance of all major components of your IT infrastructure. thanks to the following features:

  • Centralized monitoring and reporting of events to proactively detect and resolve issues before they affect business operations. View at a glance the status and working state of all your IT equipements
  • Fix issues from a distance without going
  • Color coded graphical alarms view and instant notification: Define and display alarm severity based on color codes. Send instant notification (sms, mail) about issues and malfunctions based on defined event triggers
  • Automate response  via scripts or batch  for faster resolution on the advent of a critical problem with known response. Less errors and faster response.
  • Custom system dashboards and scorecards: Have a daily visibility on your system’s performance via executive  reports with pre-defined indicators and their evolution (CPU, usage, Memory Disk space, licenses limit etc…


Recover your entire system and prevent any data loss after a major incident.

We support two recovery modes:

  • Near time recovery  : your systems  runs each time a Main instance and a Backup. In case of failure of the main services, the backup takes over within a short time. Data synchronization is carried out regularly allowing to recover your entire system almost instantly
  • Cold  recovery from backup data: Your systems are recovered from backup data. This is ideal for non critical services. You have the flexibility of defining the frequency of back-ups and henceforth the amount of data loss that is tolerated in case of a disaster

Poor demand anticipation and under-provisioning of system resources can result to congestion leading to  non-optimal system performance.

With our capacity planning services we monitor, forecast and provision sufficient system resources to avoid any shortages which could deteriorate your system performance.

[expand title=”Read more”] We anticipate and plan resources required to deliver IT services based on predictions of business demand, service performance and utilization forecast, cost estimates to deliver the agreed service level targets.

The resources planned for include boards, cabinets , interfaces, storage, and processing power extensions.


  • Service performance continuity
  • Better and efficient utilization of resources
  • Improved system performance


We build and deploy servers to run your applications and/or store your data.

You can choose between different server solutions depending on your needs

  • Standard legacy servers: single hardware running a single server application.
  • Virtual servers: single hardware running  multiple server applications.

The virtual servers can be located in your offices or in a secured cloud data center.



  • Save capex with our dedicated or virtual servers
  • Protect your data from unauthorized access with our highly secured local or cloud servers.
  • We manage and maintain all servers through a dedicated service while you focus on your core business


With our tailored to fit turnkey IT services,  you focus on delivering value to your customers, providing them with top-notch customer experience and staying ahead of competition, while we take care of your IT infrastructure  and systems.

Your Benefits

Reduced Cost
Reduced Cost

Make substantial savings on IT systems maintenance costs-Save on qualified tech resources

Reliable Partner
Reliable Partner

Focus on your core business while we ensure a flawless functioning of your IT systems.

Fast issue detection and resolution
Fast issue detection and resolution

Remote access to your IT system by authorized parties for proactive issue detection, fast root cause identification and quick incident resolution.

24/7x365 support
24/7x365 support

Have your mission critical systems up and running 24/7 X 365 With analysis and logging of events and detailed reporting of all incidents detected. Ensure business continuity.



We were amazed by how little effort was required on our part to have Netlink design and implement our new telephony solution we are proud off . We exchanged a few phone calls and e-mails, and they… handled the rest.

Oma Betow Joseph
Founder & CEO, Golliat Containers
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